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8 pin SMT to Thru-hole Adapters

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Replace DIP devices with SMT. These SMT adapters provide a land pattern on the top and a DIP plug on the bottom. Prices given are for quantities of 1-10 pieces. For larger quantity pricing please call or email. 8 pin adapters are RoHS compliant.


SOIC / DIP SMT to Thru-hole Adapters
Part numbers to order
SOIC Body Width
SMT adapter with 300
mil span DIP plug
150 - 300 mil

May 1, 2008
New Product Announcement - Logical Systems Corporation

SMT to Thru-hole Adapter Extends PCB Life

The PA-SOD3SM18-08 is a simple solution to several electronic assembly problems. It allows the SOIC version of a device to be used in its DIP footprint, extending the life of existing PCBs.

In production it is helpful when obsolete DIP parts cause redesign and re- certification. It can be populated onto an existing PCB and fill the gap while the redesign and re-certification process occurs.

When treated as a component the PA-SOD3SM18-08 can prevent re-certification. Often re-certification is not required in the case of a component substitution, saving time and expense.

In prototyping it allows an SOIC to be breadboarded with a DIP footprint and socket. SO devices fit into those handy breadboards. PCB prototypes can use the DIP footprint with sockets Parts are easier to work with, probe and remove.

The PA-SOD3SM18-08 adapter is RoHS compliant. It accepts 8 pin SOIC devices with body widths of 150 mil and 210 mil. It is in stock and pricing starts at $4.00 each. 1000/pc price is $2.00 each. Logical Systems Corp., http://www.logicalsys.com/8sodip3

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